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Health Care Debate Playing Role in Campaigns

July 4, 2012 Leave a comment

While the public is divided on the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on Obamacare, a new ABC News/Washington Post poll show’s that President Obama holds a significant lead on the issue over Republican challenger Mitt Romney. Only 30% of people polled have a favorable opinion of Governor Romney’s stance on health care, while 47% view it negatively. The 17% deficit also comes with 23% of those polled undecided.

The spit on the law in general came with 43% of Americans seeing it favorably while 42% view it unfavorably. That was a shift prior to the Supreme Court’s ruling as 52% viewed it negatively, to 36% who viewed it positively.

ABC News wrote:

“A challenge for Romney, in addition to his weaker support overall, is the fact that critics of the Supreme Court ruling don’t flock to him as an alternative. Among people who see the ruling unfavorably, Romney’s plans for the system get a tepid 45-36 percent positive rating. Among those who see the ruling favorably, by contrast, 86 percent also see Obama’s plans favorably.

Obama’s plans for the system are 12 points more popular than Romney’s among independents, the customary swing voters in national elections. But both men do poorly in this group – 38 percent positive for Obama, 26 percent for Romney. And Obama tips into majority negative territory among independents; 52 percent see his plans for health care unfavorably. Romney’s at 46 percent negative, again with more undecided.”