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Former President Clinton Recovering After Hospitalization

February 12, 2010 1 comment

Former President Bill Clinton is recovering this week after being hospitalized for a heart procedure on Thursday. The former President was admitted to New York Presbyterian Hospital to have a procedure in which doctors inserted two stents in his heart that helps clear the coronary arteries while also allowing for greater blood flow to the heart. The operation came six years after the former President had a quadruple bypass, and after feeling some discomfort this week doctors felt that tests and the procedure was needed to clear a blocked artery. Adviser Doug Band stated that the former President is now recovering at home, is in excellent health, good spirits, and could possibly even get back to work by Monday.

The President was visited by his wife and current Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, and left the hospital a day after the procedure with a clean bill of health by doctors. This is good news for the Former President not just from a health perspective, but also because it will not slow down his tireless work ethic and humanitarianism. Getting back to good health is vital for the busy former President who is not only coordinating Haiti relief and support efforts but is also working within his foundation, The Clinton Global Initiative on many other humanitarian issues and philanthropy efforts across the globe. The former President even entered the hospital taking a conference call regarding Haiti relief efforts but was forced to give up his phone in order to have the procedure. This shows, if nothing else, that even something as important as heart surgery cannot slow the former President down from trying to make a difference.