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‘News Watchers’ Give Clinton High Marks

December 20, 2009 Leave a comment

‘News Watchers’ Give Clinton Highest Marks in Obama’s Administration

Author: Bruce Drake

Source: Politics Daily, Posted: 12/16/09, ‘News Watchers’ Give Clinton Highest Marks in Obama’s Administration, Retrieved December 16th, 2009 from

Here’s a different twist on polling. The Clarus Research Group conducted a poll Dec. 7-12 that homed in on “news watchers,” people who follow the news closely or very closely. It found, when those surveyed were asked to rate Obama administration officials, that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton topped the list, which included the president himself.

Clinton got a job approval rating that was 75 percent positive compared to 21 percent negative, which included positive marks from 57 percent of Republicans.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates was second with a 69 percent to 20 percent ratio. Obama trailed them at 51 percent to 45 percent.