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Obama Reiterates Green Industry Is Key To Economic Boost and Sustainability

March 9, 2010 3 comments

President Obama has seen the future of the economy and it is… Green!

This week, President Obama stated that the hope for a revival of the American economy could be found in creating and maintaining a clean energy industry and “green” jobs. The President also said that the jobs of tomorrow will be in the “clean energy sector” and that steps are being taken now towards a clean and profitable industry. This has been something that the President and his administration have been striving to achieve since gaining office. By stressing the importance of a green industry the White House is giving the American people a view of the hopeful future along with answers to the question, “how can we fix the economy?”

When talking to small business owners, the President went over some of the initiatives his administration is working on to achieve a good green economy. He called to attention the Home Star program, which he first proposed during his State of the Union address. This program would offer $1,500 – $3,000 in discounts to homeowners who make their homes green. Homeowners could receive the $1,500 rebate simply by putting in environmentally friendly insulation and installing energy efficient windows which help conserve energy. The $3,000 rebate would involve more extensive renovations and incorporate improvements to the entire house. This initiative could help produce around 20% in energy savings while also boosting the economy by cutting the construction industry’s unemployment rate by 25%.

The President understands that fixing the broken economy is vital to the future of the country. He also realizes that if climate change isn’t addressed then there may not even be a future to get to. Luckily for the President, and the rest of the country, both may be able to fix each other.