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Democrats Push Spending Bill

Democrats sitting on the U.S. Senate have introduced a trillion dollar spending bill aimed to take the federal government through the next fiscal year.  Republicans have voiced their opposition to the bill and are gearing up to defeat it. Some Senate republicans, like Mitch McConnell (Kentucky), are already working to defeat it.  With the political affiliation changes in the house and senate, it appears that no matter what bill is introduced by either party, strong opposition will be met.

The Democrats believe that the spending bill is a better option than any improvised spending that is approved as necessary throughout the year.  Having a planned budget will allow government officials to spend more efficiently while still having a supply of funds readily available should an unexpected situation arise.  Although, many of the funds proposed in the bill would be earmarked for specific projects.

Republicans will likely scuttle progress on this bill as long as possible with intentions of pushing temporary spending budgets until they hold the majority of seats in the House and several additional seats in the Senate at the early part of next year.  That way they will have more power to turn down the bill and deter any earmarked spending that they oppose and intend to ban for the next 2 years.

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