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WikiLeaks Leaks Important Reports On War In Afghanistan

In the age of the Internet, it’s easy for any type of information (from movie spoilers to news stories) to seep through security cracks and get leaked to the world. Some of this information is important for the world to see while some other pieces are confidential for a reason. Up until now there weren’t many stories that leaked on the Internet that shook up the establishment, but now the website WikiLeaks has demonstrated the effect that leaking a very substantial and politically charged story on the Internet can have on the entire world.

The website, WikiLeaks published over 90,000 pages of secret war documents on the War in Afghanistan which went over secret deals, conflicts, strategies, and intelligence that the U.S was using in the war from 2004-2010. For the first time in the war, a clear view of what could actually be going on in Afghanistan is visible to millions of readers. Many argue that this leak hurts the troops and their mission there while others argue that the leak serves the same purpose as the Pentagon Papers in showing truths behind an unpopular war. However, the Pentagon Papers pale in comparison by sheer size to this WikiLeaks war diary and is arguably the biggest intelligence leak in the history of the United States of America.

By taking submissions from all across the world, WikiLeaks serves as a website for whistleblowers and others trying to get the truth out in the world. As stated, some said that this leak did more harm than good, but no matter what side of the argument you fall on there is no debating that this is a huge development regarding security, freedom of speech and the internet which will surely warrant some heated political discussion.

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