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U.S. To Change Nuclear Policy, Lessen Nuclear Weapons

The Obama administration is taking steps to change U.S. policy regarding nuclear weapons in hopes of opening more communication with foreign countries and to bring greater security to the country. What the new policy entails is that the United States will cease development of new nuclear weapons and will not use existing nuclear weapons against states that fall under nuclear sanctions and agreements. This is a big move for the administration with regards to their stance on nuclear weapons.   It is also a big move for the U.S. away from the Cold War ideology of stockpiling nuclear weapons.

This change in policy is ironic considering that it was signed days before the President goes to Russia, a nuclear rival, to sign a nuclear treaty that would decrease the amount of weapons each country would have in their arsenals. The new policy is a move that the Obama administration hopes will act as an olive branch to countries that are hesitant to be under any agreement related to nuclear weapons and proliferation. He also hopes it’s a sign to the world that the U.S. is ready to relinquish it’s image as a nuclear threat and focus more on international negotiation through an image of peace and open mindedness.

It has been decades since the Cold War has come to an end and, with it, the race to see which country could accumulate the most nuclear weapons. In today’s world, the greatest nuclear threats aren’t coming from a government or country’s stockpile of missiles but rather from a rogue group using them for terrorism purposes. Combating nuclear terrorism is a top priority for current U.S. nuclear policy and one of the many reasons the government is taking the approach with Russia that they are.  By building trust with our biggest rivals, the U.S. can hope to determine enemies from allies and pinpoint the source of actual threats.  In time, the Obama administration hopes that this strategy will bring security to the country while reducing the need and use of nuclear weapons altogether.

  1. April 24, 2010 at 5:14 am

    Ironically the US now supports New Zealaand’s 1987 anti-nuclear policy. Something the US opposed and forced NZ out of ANZUS. How times change!


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