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Obama Calls For Democrats To Be Leaders

The Democratic Party took a big blow when Republican Dan Brown won office in a special election in Massachusetts. Not only was the senate seat he won in a fundamentally well known blue state but the seat belonged to the late Ted Kennedy who stood as a leader of the democratic party for over 30 years. This loss in Massachusetts set a frightening precedent for Democrats and these could be times for the Democratic party to panic in fears that their agenda, along with mid-term elections, will go against them.  However, President Obama told his fellow democrats on Wednesday that this is not the time to panic, this is the time to lead.

President Obama spoke with fellow Democratic leaders and pleaded with them to make this the time in which they become leaders saying that, if there is anything to learn from the special elections in Massachusetts, it’s not to sit around and do nothing.  He also went on to say that politicians that work hard for their voters will win future mid-term elections and, if they do the right thing, that is who/what individuals will vote for.  He said that this is the time for the party to focus in on being more public with their business,  avoid cable news stations that help turn the tide against them and call out Republicans when the time is right.

It would be easy for anyone holding public office to get bogged down by bad politics, but now is the time when citizens need leaders the most.  This is the message that President Obama is trying to convey to his party. In times of trouble it would be easy to back away from the problems that need solutions or, better yet, point fingers at who’s to blame.  However, President Obama expects more of himself and more of his party supporting the notion that this is not the time for lukewarm politicians. Instead, this is a time for leaders.

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